10 Steps To Building A Profitable Computer Repair Website

It’s funny – web sites are something that every brick and mortar company feels compelled to have but very few know why. Test this for yourself. The next time you are talking to a business owner ask them what purpose their web site serves. Answers will vary but the real reason is basically this: everyone […]

Finding a Purpose in Life – Learn How To Set Goals and Achieve Them

Purpose as define by Webster is: “the reason for which something exists, is done, made, etc… An intended or desired result, aim or goal. To Intend or resolve.” Finding life purpose is the determining factor in setting your goals and objectives in life. If a person lacks a clear purpose in their life, career or […]

The Erotic Films of Turkey — Part 1

The Seks Furyasi (sex-movie boom) years of Turkish erotic films (1972-1985) 7,000 people attended the opening gala of Turkey’s first home-grown sex film… It’s not known exactly when foreign erotic films were first introduced to the Ottomans, but it’s reported that police captured a large cache of foreign sex films in 1922 (a year before […]

Writing Business Plan for Your Business

Developing a business plan: Business plan has following components: 1. Title page and contents 2. Executive summary 3. Business description 4. Description of Product or Service. 5. Marketing strategies 6. Competitive analysis 7. Design and Development plans 8. Operations and Management plans 9. Financial components Title page and contents Business plan should have a cover […]

A Divorce Lawyer Is More Than Just A Litigator

The traditional role of a divorce lawyer was that of an advocate representing a client in a legal proceeding that would end in the dissolution of a marriage. For years, fault had to be attributed to one party or the other in order for a court to issue an order. Grounds such as adultery, cruelty, […]

Why Open a Laundromat? Ten Reasons to Start a Coin Laundry

Every industry has its good points and bad points. As you assess some of the business opportunities that are available it is up to you to weigh up the pros and cons. Your aim should be to find a business model that is a perfect match for you, your skill set and the kind of […]

Texas Wrongful Foreclosure – Hidden Traps

Contesting a foreclosure in Texas has certain hidden traps for the unwary that you should consider and have a plan for handling. As is usually the case with all things, early prevention is the best cure. But homeowners are over looking an important factor in the wrongful foreclosure process. Our Texas foreclosure case law was […]

Smallpox Variola in Colonial America

Where would the United States of America be today were it not for variola? The first military commander in chief and future first president of this incipient nation nearly lost his life – or at least came close – to the pestilential smallpox strain. Yet it was this early illness experienced by a young George […]

Is It a Fixed Asset?

I often am asked this question by bookkeepers and business owners alike. The Internal Revenue Service defines a fixed asset as property used in a trade or business or in an income producing activity that wears out or becomes obsolete and it must have a determinable useful life substantially beyond the tax year. This might […]

Texas Vegetable Gardening – Ideal For A Great Produce!

Vegetable gardening can be done at many different locations in Texas with great success. The climatic conditions in Texas are also most apt for the growth of various types of vegetables. Owing to a long growth season, Texas is the just the right place to start with vegetable gardening hobby without much disappointment. So, irrespective […]