From Auto Decals to Vehicle Wrap – Creative Car Wrap Advertising Strategies

Have you thought about using your car as a means to expose your organization? If that’s the case, you likely have been aware of car decal, auto decals, car wrap, and vehicle wrap. How will you pick out the appropriate choice for you? Regardless of whether you have a pickup truck, Sport-Utility Vehicle, Scion, trailer, […]

Creativity & Entrepreneurship: The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose in Life!(c)

Hello Creative Entrepreneurs! In the second course on Creativity &  Entrepreneurship  we begin with a guided meditation that I created entitled: Dream Keeper-Gift Giver©. You ask: what in the world does this mean? Well, it’s a very profound secret I discovered about myself fifteen years ago. After doing a lot of self-discovery and embarking on […]

Four Easy Steps To More Motivated Employees

There is no particular set of rules that one should follow in motivating employees. We each have our own driving force when it comes to doing an excellent job at work. A working mother could be motivated by her children, who serve as her inspiration to succeed. A trainee who is fresh out of college […]

Motivating Employees – What Makes Them Tick

  Employee   motivation  is one of the central issues ruling the Human Resource Management field. Over the years, psychologists as well as management gurus have explored numerous motivational theories, conducting empirical studies to test the feasibility of these theories in real-world scenarios. Some theories have been successfully applied in several organizations, while others just bumped. Nonetheless, […]

How to Catch My Boyfriend Cheating on Facebook or MySpace?

So you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you. The problem is you have no proof to show. Your female intuition, of course is telling you that something fishy is going on and you have learned early on in life not to ignore what your instincts are telling you. So what is there to […]

The Difference Between Entrepreneur and Executive

There is an unwritten rule in business that once a company goes public, the original founders must be ousted. The myth: entrepreneurs are great for getting a company started, but not so great when Wall Street is looking over their shoulder. Part of this thinking is that founders of companies are mavericks, passionate doers with […]

Motivating Employees – 3 Tactics to Get Desired Results

There’s no doubt that the most important asset contributing to company’s productivity is the energy and efficacy of its employees. More than financial figures or public-image potency, employee productivity is crucial. The importance of keeping your workers focused and dedicated can’t be emphasized enough–so how are you, as an employer, able to motivate your employees? […]

Setting Up Shop Are You Ready to Become a Success?

If the answer is yes to the above title then I think you ought to read this first. 1. Did you know that up to 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and did you also know that 95% of new businesses fail within their first five years of trading? 2. Did you […]

How to Motivate Your Younger Employees

Keeping your employees motivated is an uphill task especially if the majority is comprised of younger people. Most managers find it difficult to enforce authority with a young workforce that resists being told what to do and does not get affected by praise. If you are in a similar situation, you may have tried your […]

How To Prepare The Best Steak-Recipe Using A Gas-Grill

Smelling the irresistible aroma of any steak made from gas-grill is the perfect answer to anyone’s busy schedule. Grilling steak’s an equivalent to someone’s masterpiece, and with determination this could be learned by any patient soul. There are a lot of factors to consider when grilling your steaks and this actually requires practice for you […]