Cost-Effective Employee Time Tracking

Log your time, one of the leaders providing online web based employee tracking or project tracking software solutions helping quick and fast goal achievements in an organized way. With our best web-based time tracking software you can easily connect to our services via internet and there is no need of further installations which saves money […]

Are You Fit to Start a Business?

Are you capable of starting your own business? Running a business can potentially be quite fulfilling, nevertheless, it’s important to make sure   entrepreneurship  suits you: Are you willing to put in the time and effort your company requires? And, if so, how might you structure your new venture? If owning your own business is still […]

UK Employment Law

An EU Green Paper entitled, ‘Modernising Labour Law to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century’ may bring about a re-drafting of UK Employment Law. The modernisation of labour law is seen to support the European Union’s objectives of full employment and greater labour productivity and has been designed to promote and encourage flexibility and […]

Restrictive Covenants and Compromise Agreements

A restrictive covenant and compromise agreements is an agreement that is aimed at protecting the interests of the employer. It includes protection of confidential information and trade secrets especially after an employee departs from an employment. In general, restrictive covenants are drafted to block any employee from transferring to competition, using sensitive information against the […]

Survival of Enterprises: Sociological Preconditions

Purpose Survival of an enterprise is the topmost concern of every entrepreneur all the time. Profitability and growth follow, at number two and three. Entrepreneurs are therefore deeply concerned about this aspect when choosing a line of business for their proposed ventures. This article discusses a sociological model of survival of ventures and offers several […]

Car Leasing and Contract Hire – The Question of VAT

The impact of VAT in contract hire. Nothing in this world is certain but death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin was sadly quite right when he said this, but perhaps a little pessimistic on taxes. They can not only be postponed, but avoided if you make sure you are making the right financial decisions for you […]

Business Owner Or Entrepreneur – Which Are You?

This is a great time for the entrepreneur. The current rash of layoffs and business closings has driven former employees to start their own business or buy one. There is a reason for this.   Entrepreneurship  can be quite profitable. An article written by Erika Napoletano at Redhead Writing brought up a good question. The question […]

Compromise Agreements – Calculating Constructive Dismissal Compensation

If you feel like you have been forced to quit your job due to the mean way you have been treated by your employer, it is called constructive dismissal. There may be no actual dismissal from the employer but the result is logically similar as if you have been sacked. Often, it is hard to […]

How to Get Rich Through Entrepreneurship

If you asked a group of people how to get rich, or how they think others have gotten rich, you would probably get a variety of answers. And most of those answers would involve being lucky with investments, having a windfall from an inheritance or lottery, or having a high-paying executive job. If you asked […]

Setting Up Filters in Excel

It is no secret that Excel experts are constantly sent enquiries regarding the many commands and functions of the spreadsheet programme. A number of these enquiries can even take on a panicked tone. In a way, that is a positive occurrence. Why so? It would be better to have the extra functions and commands and […]